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“Neymar told me that he won in a day what I earn in a year”

ByRoborto Sykes

Oct 6, 2020

We believed this matter was certainly settled, however Alvaro Gonzalez still blames Neymar. After suffering a “surge of hatred” following allegations of bigotry from the Brazilian, the OM gamer still has animosity towards the Parisian. During an interview with Onda Cero, Alvaro has actually exposed the bottom of his run-in with the previous Barcelona. “We had a hard time, not simply me, my household and my environments. If I had told her something it would have appeared on all electronic cameras “, He stated, prior to targeting Neymar, who according to him, did not understand how to lose with self-respect.

“Neymar does not deserve my respect”

I transcended to Neymar in this match, I knocked him off his hinges and he was powerless that day. You need to understand how to absorb beats, you need to understand how to lose and understand when things are refrained from doing well, ”stated the Iberian protector, who goes back to the justifications of“ Ney ”. Provocations that he still cannot absorb.

“The game in general was quite unfortunate, with all kinds of provocations. Neymar told me that he won in a day what I earn in a year, and it’s true. I told him I was very happy with my salary. Neymar’s whole game that day was unfortunate, full of provocations. I did not make any racist insults, I will not allow my football career and my person to be humiliated. Neymar deserves nothing from me, neither my respect nor anything ”. OM discover PSG for the Clasico return in February 2021. Hopefully the spirits will have cooled down already.

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