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Shevchenko, unmissable monument of Ukrainian football

ByRoborto Sykes

Oct 6, 2020

Winner of the Champions League in 2003, Ballon d’Or in 2004, leading scorer in the choice … Andreï Shevchenko, who pertains to challenge the French world champs in a friendly in Saint-Denis on Wednesday, is unquestionably the best striker of the history of Ukrainian football. And after 17 years of a famous profession on the yards – followed by a quick stopped working parenthesis in politics – the young 44-year-old coach now dreams of becoming its biggest coach. “It’s a huge challenge for me. I accepted it in good conscience“, verified Shevchenko in an interview with AFP in 2019. Friendly nicknamed” Sheva “by Ukrainian advocates, coach Shevchenko has in any case prospered in developing a more innovative and offending video game and discovered a winning balance in between young skills and skilled pillars.

A devastating Euro 2016

However, if the outcomes of the “Zbirna” have actually crescendoed given that his visit, his arrival at the head of the choice to change Mykhaylo Fomenko after a devastating Euro-2016 concluded with no objective, is far from being consentaneous. . Assistant to Fomenko at the time, Shevchenko was then thought about by his critics as partly accountable for this failure. It remained in this context that Shevchenko began his very first training experience and the start was hard: Ukraine directly stopped working to get approved for the 2018 World Cup. But unexpected as it might appear, couple of votes in Ukraine grumbled.

In response to Moscow’s 2014 addition of the Ukrainian Crimean peninsula by Moscow and its assistance for the separatist disobedience in eastern Ukraine, numerous had actually required a boycott of the World Cup anyhow, despite the fact that the group nationwide certified. Confirming its development, the “Zbirna” then produces a surprise throughout the qualifiers for Euro-2020. Undefeated, the Yellow and Blue even reach the top of their group in front of the Portugal of Cristiano Ronaldo, protecting champ. “The harder it is, the greater my motivation. I wanted to be successful with the national team and I believed in the players“, he stated in 2019.


At his finest as a gamer, Shevchenko was feared for his inspired counterattacks and unequaled surface. His skill was asserted at Dynamo Kiev prior to taking off at Air Conditioner Milan. His Ballon d’Or in 2004 settled his golden years in Lombardy, stressed by a Champions League in 2003 and an Italian title the following season. Considered a nationwide monument in Ukraine, he was similarly respected in the nationwide group with 48 objectives in 111 matches. The apotheosis of his global profession came at Euro-2012 arranged in Ukraine and Poland, with a brace versus Sweden (2-1), 6 years after reaching the quarter-finals of the 2006 World Cup, the only Cup of the world objected to by the Yellow and Blue. “Andrei is not just any football player. He is also a person of immense and undisputed authority“, kept in mind the coach at the time Oleg Blokhine, the other fantastic gamer in the history of the previous Soviet republic.

The just failure of his playing profession, his two-year stint at Chelsea (2006-2008) was frustrating and he wound up going back to his previous enjoys, Milan and Dynamo Kiev, where he had actually won 5 league titles. from 1995. After retiring from sports, Shevchenko briefly attempted politics however stopped working to end up being a member of the Ukrainian parliament in 2012. Despite investing one million euros for his project in a celebration emerging rather than then-president Viktor Yanukovych, it got just 1.7% of the vote. It was to much better go back to football after 4 years of “rest”. “I will do my best to justify the trust placed in me“, he then stated.

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