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A mix of Good Hearer with Noah, Pierce and McEnroe

ByRoborto Sykes

Oct 7, 2020

Bon Entendeur, this group of three friends who rely on speeches by French personalities to produce musical creations, officiated on tennis during this period of Roland-Garros. This time in international mode, since John McEnroe, Martina Navratilova and Chris Evert intervene, as well as Yannick Noah and Mary Pierce on the French side. The theme is summarized in the title of the song: On the Voice of Champions. Inspirational words, then. “One essential thing for a young person is already to dream, says Yannick Noah in particular. It is already a very great strength. My most powerful mantra is: behind all problems, there is always an opportunity . There are more lessons to be learned from a loss than from a victory. “

β€œIt’s not easy, there are a lot of sacrifices and you have to be very disciplined, says Mary Pierce. But the work always pays. The most important thing is always to try to learn. You have to be prepared to suffer every day to be the best you can be. Things in life always happen for a reason, and always for the best. ” John McEnroe is in the tone of Yannick Noah by celebrating the values ​​of failure: “You can learn a lot from a loss, you build a character there. Some become champions because they work harder, others because they have great talent. The best combine both.” This work will be engraved on collector’s vinyl in order to be listened to and re-listened in the most beautiful way by the future nuggets of the little yellow ball.

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