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A Real Madrid star at the Tokyo Olympics?

ByRoborto Sykes

Oct 7, 2020

Professional since 2004, Sergio Ramos has won all the collective trophies that it is possible to win for a footballer playing in Europe. All but one, namely the Olympic title. The Real Madrid captain has never even participated in this great sporting event. But, it is not yet too late to do so. The strong defender could be offered the opportunity to play in the event next year in Tokyo.

Sergio Ramos would be in favor of the idea

According to rumors emanating from Spain, the Iberian football federation is currently forcing to convince Ramos to fly to Japan in the summer of 2021, just after having participated in the Euro with the Seleccion of Luis Enrique. It would be a hell of a program, especially for a 34-year-old player, but the idea shouldn’t put him off. In 2019, he declared that “the Olympic Games are something that cannot be refused”.

If Ramos accepts this challenge, he would be one of three players over 23 to play for his country, as stipulated in the regulations. Among the big stars performing in La Liga, the Andalusian might not be the only one to take part in the Olympics. Lionel Messi is also dredged by the Argentine federation to lend a hand to young Albiceleste.

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