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No agreement on the availability of internationals

ByRoborto Sykes

Oct 7, 2020
Between the FFR and the LNR, the cloth continues to burn. Following World Rugby’s decision to extend the international window to six matches and seven weeks between mid-October and early December, professional clubs and the National Rugby League have expressed their opposition to a release. internationals, despite the fact that World Rugby has put aside its Regulation 9 in the matter. Faced with this disagreement, the French Rugby Federation and the LNR entered into a phase of discussions with the aim of obtaining, if possible, a compromise. In a press release published on Wednesday, the FFR confirmed that no common ground between the two authorities could be found.

For the FFR, “the LNR has chosen to remain inflexible”

In its press release, the FFR announces that it has proposed to the LNR to maintain the international window from October 18 to December 5, 2020 with, in agreement with Fabien Galthié, the commitment to limit to five appearances on the match sheet for internationals, a insistent request from the NRL. Added to this is the return to the clubs of non-selected players, the possibility of releasing the whole group for the week of November 7, during which no international match will be scheduled, but also the delay of the arrival at Marcoussis of the players participating in the finals of the European Cups, scheduled for October 16 and 17. “The LNR has chosen to decline these proposals and to remain inflexible on a number of five matches over five weeks”, assures the FFR for whom “this implies not respecting the international balance” but also “not to take into account the sporting reality ”, highlighting the fact that Ireland will also have a preparation match before the final meeting of the 6 Nations Tournament on 31 October.

The Council of State will have to settle the dispute

The FFR, in its press release, assures us that it regrets the position taken by the LNR, highlighting the fact that foreign players will be released by professional clubs and ensures that “the only injured international team remaining our national team”. In addition, “the FFR regrets that we do not trust the staff more so that they can agree on the methods of selecting players in the fall”. Faced with the lack of compromise between the Federation and the League, it has now been agreed that this case will finally be handed over to the summary judge of the Council of State, who will have to rule urgently, the gathering of the XV of France , whose list of selected players was unveiled this Wednesday by Fabien Galthié, is due to start on October 18 in Marcoussis, in ten days.

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