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Between the Federation and the League, the interpretation of the decision of the Council of State varies

ByRoborto Sykes

Oct 9, 2020
The dispute between the FFR and the LNR concerning the calendar of the XV of France does not seem to be settled at all. While the Council of State on Friday rejected the request from the National Rugby League, which opposes an international window of six games in seven weeks, everything suggests that the Blues will have to apply the schedule decided by the European bodies, ie a preparation match against Wales before the conclusion of the 6 Nations Tournament against Ireland, then the “Autumn Nations Cup” with four matches to play. But, to hear the two sounds of bell expressed by press releases, the uncertainty still seems total as the deadline approaches with a first match scheduled for October 24.

A “decision in the interest of French rugby” for the FFR

In the communication battle that opposed the two sides of French rugby this Friday, it was the FFR which struck the first. Via a laconic press release published on its official website where it announces that “the highest administrative court issued its opinion today and rejected the appeal brought by the National Rugby League”, the Federation assured that it “is delighted to this decision in the interest of French rugby “, adding that” this decision will allow the management of the XV de France Masculin to benefit international players in accordance with the international period from October 19 to December 5, as defined by World Rugby Rule 9 ”. In other words, for the FFR, nothing changes and the XV of France will play well the copious program of six meetings in seven weeks announced long ago.

For the NRL, “the convention, which has not been modified, must apply”

However, on the side of the leaders of professional rugby, the interpretation of the decision of the highest administrative court is quite different. Indeed, less than two hours after the communication from the Federation, the League ensures that “the Council of State has ruled that the LNR / FFR convention, which has not been modified, must apply”, adding that ” the FFR cannot alone modify the French team’s calendar for autumn 2020 ”. For the LNR, “the conditions of provision currently provided for remain in force as long as the FFR-LNR agreement has not been modified”. In other words, for the LNR, the XV of France remains at three games in four weeks. The League still opens the door to the FFR, ensuring to be “ready for any discussion with the FFFR with a view to considering a modification of the current convention”, confirming at the same time its proposal to go from three to five matches for fall 2020. A beautiful cacophony that adds to the uncertainty.