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Lautaro Martinez delighted to play with Messi

ByRoborto Sykes

Oct 9, 2020

It’s not the first time this has happened, but it feels like it has. Aligned alongside Lionel Messi at the Argentina-Ecuador kickoff, Lautaro Martinez greatly appreciated. Even if he did not score, the Inter Milan striker had a memorable evening. His agent, Beto Yaque, testified to this in an interview for local media. TNT Sports : “He (Lautaro) had the chance to grow up, to work, to learn and he fits in very well. The departure in Europe made him progress, strengthened his qualities and today he is one of the players who play at the highest level. He is excited about playing for the national team and doing it alongside Messi is a dream for him, ”he said.

Lautaro Martinez serene about his future

Lautaro performs with Messi in the national team, but he could also have done it in club. Last summer, there was talk of him signing up with FC Barcelona. Finally, due to a limited budget, the Catalan club retracted. A soap opera that could have destabilized the person concerned, but this is not the case. Yaque assured him: A lot has been said about Lautaro’s possible transfer, there have been many rumors. Everyone wanted it but there was nothing concrete. He still has three years left on his contract, the transfer window has just closed, we have not yet sat down to talk about an extension with Inter. He plays at a very good level, last season was excellent for him and it is normal that he has attracted the attention of the big European clubs. “