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The cancellation of Paris-Roubaix increases the concern of Mauro Vegni

ByRoborto Sykes

Oct 9, 2020

The professional peloton will not roam the cobbles of the North and that worries in Italy. Indeed, ASO confirmed this Friday that the classic Paris-Roubaix will not be able to take place this year following the new measures to fight against the coronavirus implemented in the Lille metropolis. A deterioration of the health situation in France which could herald a similar development in Italy, which has already been severely affected by the disease. Director of the Giro, Mauro Vegni did not hide his concern about the possible decisions of the authorities. “I think if we were to face such a situation, there was not much we could do. If the local authorities take a decision, we will have to comply, assured the microphone of the RAI the boss of the Tour of Italy. We have had confirmation of the cancellation of Paris-Roubaix. I’m sorry because we are losing one of the most important classics, which can only be compared to Milan-Sanremo. Too bad. But, above all, this situation worries me as it means that the level of contagion is increasing and we still have two weeks of racing ahead of us. “

Vegni also worried about the Vuelta

As the situation in Italy begins to deteriorate, the Madrid region could go on alert for the coronavirus. Asked about the possibility that the Vuelta could not be completed under the best conditions, Mauro Vegni confirmed his concerns. “Cycling lives by the public that it attracts but, unfortunately, this also increases the risk of contagion, assures the director of the Giro. I don’t know what the situation is in Spain but, from what I hear, they have been on alert for several days, which fortunately is not yet the case in Italy. But, as I said before, I’m worried because we have two weeks of racing left. “If he claims to want to keep his race in a bubble and asks for the strictest respect for barrier gestures, Mauro Vegni is also worried because of the … snow. Indeed, the third week will see the peloton go to high altitude in the Alps. “We have two reasons for concern: the coronavirus and the third week. For the first, we can do nothing except remain vigilant and continue to follow the protocols in place, adds the boss of the Giro. The third week is a problem which is not one for the moment because we have already studied all the solutions necessary to allow the Tour of Italy to conclude without distorting it. “If the Tour de France was able to benefit from a favorable window, the doubt remains substantial concerning the end of the cycling season.