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VI Interinstitutional Committee of the Whole Life Plan reinforces action plans for attention to priority groups – The Daily News Box

ByKathleen Dupont

Oct 9, 2020

Quito, October 07, 2020

Rocío de Moreno, honorary president of the Committee for a Whole Life Plan (PTUV), chaired the VI PTUV Interinstitutional Committee, which was held today, Wednesday, October 7, at the Government Palace, where the results achieved in each of the the Missions that make up said Plan, whose objective is to provide comprehensive assistance to families living in poverty, through work coordinated between various State institutions. In addition, the action plans that will guarantee the consolidation of a social protection floor for priority attention groups were presented.

“We have served the most vulnerable groups from all the missions, as has been the objective of the President of the Republic, it has really been something wonderful to work for them with the collaboration of all the ministries. Now we want to reinforce this work so that it continues and is not lost in time ”, said Rocío de Moreno.

In the framework of Mission Las Manuelas, it was reported that more than 280 thousand people with disabilities and their families have been treated comprehensively from 2017 to August 2020, and it is estimated that close to 170 thousand more will be served in 2021. Also, 201,838 technical aids have been delivered, 131,661 have been included in bonuses and pensions, 10,922 in the labor market and 19,997 in the educational system, and more than 30,000 people received a disability card, according to data from the Whole Life Plan Secretariat.

From the Less Poverty and More Development Mission, the milestones reached to date with the authorization of the payment of the Human Development Bonus to 422,001 families in vulnerable situations were presented. “We have worked in a coordinated manner with the Ministry of Health to strengthen the monitoring of families that receive monetary transfers to guarantee their joint responsibility,” said Vicente Taiano, Minister of Inclusion.

In Mission Casa Para Todos, through the Community Strengthening Strategy, the permanent accompaniment of 20,165 people in the 31 housing estates delivered nationwide and 45 that are in execution was highlighted; as well as, the coordination and inter-institutional care to 1,217 people with disabilities within the housing complexes. Another of the milestones mentioned is the axis of entrepreneurship with the consolidation of more than 300 businesses and about 350 family and community gardens and greenhouses that have allowed families to eat healthily and generate new livelihoods.

“Casa para Todos is the heart of the Lifetime Plan; the most vulnerable people live there. Our focus is quality before quantity, we do not neglect any detail and we work with families so that they become inclusive, united, participatory and supportive communities. We don’t build houses, we build communities ”, emphasized Rocío de Moreno.

The president of the Committee also stressed that thanks to community organization, urbanizations have better handled the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic “we see the results of community work. From the All One Life Plan, we sow the future ”, he pointed out.

The approach to chronic child malnutrition is a central axis within Misión Ternura, for this the coordinated work between the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education, the Civil Registry and the Ministry of Economic and Social Inclusion allows strengthening continuous monitoring actions for children and girls under 5 at the national level.

“The results-based budget strategy, which we have been working with the Ministry of Finance, the National Finance Corporation (CFN), the Ministry of Health and the MIES, will allow us to have a mechanism for the allocation of resources, so that they do not depend on the management of a Government but that they be elevated to State policy, in order to protect these resources for children who are in chronic child malnutrition, “said Isabel Maldonado, Secretary of the Todo Una Vida Plan.