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Lukaku’s tribute to Henry

ByRoborto Sykes

Oct 10, 2020
Romelu Lukaku is today one of the very best strikers in Europe. The Belgian center-forward shows great efficiency in all the competitions in which he performs. His title of best player in the previous Europa League is proof of this. However, the Inter member has not always been a formidable scorer. Until a few years ago, he was even laughed at for his lack of efficiency in front of goal. But that period is over. The player is the first to congratulate on this metamorphosis, but also a certain Thierry Henry.

“Henry gave me the impetus to be one of the best”

The young French technician coached Lukaku in the Belgian selection for about two years (2016/2018). Et the latter recognized that he has made enormous progress under his orders. He even indicated that he was indebted to her for all the advice he gave her. “I often speak with Thierry Henry, very often even, he conceded to VTM. He is actually my mentor. He gave me the impetus to be compared to other great strikers in Europe. “

While thanking Henry, Lukaku also underlined how the presence of Antonio Conte on the bench of Inter Milan was invaluable in his good adaptation to Italian football. “Italy suits my lifestyle. If I had known before, I would have first evolved here. At Inter, we play with two strikers. When I play on his side [Conte], he is heard, but the coach and I get along well. We are more or less similar. Me too, like him, I hate losing ”. A confession that the Italian technician will certainly appreciate.