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Coutinho talks about his revival

ByRoborto Sykes

Oct 11, 2020

A complicated adaptation after his departure from Liverpool and his arrival at Barça in January 2018, a complicated loan last season on the side of Bayern Munich, the career of Philippe Coutinho was beginning to show some signs of fatigue. But in recent months, the one who notably won the Champions League against PSG (1-0) seems to regain his feelings. And he hopes to benefit Barcelona.

I came back with the desire to work. I am motivated and happy“he said at a press conference in remarks relayed by RMC Sport, while he is currently with the Brazilian selection.”I started the season on the right foot (…) and I want to achieve great things this season.“And Coutinho to clarify: When I say big things, I mean winning titles.

Progress thanks to Bayern

At 28, the Brazilian offensive still has many good years ahead of him, and his time at Bayern has allowed him to learn to progress. I learned a lot there because the workouts are particularly intense. In fact, my physique has improved. Holder with the Blaugrana since the arrival of Ronald Koeman on the bench, Philippe Coutinho seems closer than ever to succeed (finally) his adaptation in Catalonia.