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COVID, crisis in Latin America, Chinese vaccine… Tuesday’s news

ByMicheal Johnson

Oct 11, 2020

Latin America is experiencing the worst economic crisis in more than a century due to the pandemic, according to a study by ECLAC that advocates increasing tax collection to deal with it.

According to El annual economic report of the organization, Latin America and the Caribbean is suffering its worst economic crisis in more than a hundred years, with a contraction of its regional gross domestic product (GDP) of 9.1%. By the end of 2020, the level of GDP per capita would be the same as in 2010, that is, there would be a 10-year setback.

This fall will push poverty to 2005 levels, reaching 231 million people, while extreme poverty would reach 1990 levels, reaching 96 million people.

ECLAC calls for leaving behind the fiscal adjustment policies of recent years and calls for betting on plans to increase income, reducing tax evasion and raising some taxes.

Strengthen tax collection, this is to consolidate the income tax for individuals and corporations -this is the most progressive tax-, to extend the scope of taxes on wealth and property, to the digital economy, environmental and related to public health ”, detailed Alicia Bárcena, the Executive Secretary.

WHO talks with China to evaluate one of its vaccines against COVID-19

Unsplash / H.Shaw

Staff at a dental clinic in Beijing, China wear protective gear against coronavirus

The World Health Organization is in talks with China about the possibility of evaluating one of its vaccines against COVID-19.

Socorro Escalante, WHO coordinator for essential drugs and health technologies in the Western Pacific region, told a press conference that China has held preliminary talks with the WHO to have its vaccines included on an emergency use list. .

WHO can assess vaccines and treatments that are not yet licensed to accelerate its availability in case of health emergencies

“Through this emergency use list the quality and safety of these vaccines could be evaluated and their efficacy could be assessed and this could be available for licensing in the countries, ”Escalante said.

China has four vaccines in the last phase of clinical trials.


Viewing the ozone layer over Antarctica in September 2019. The purple and blue colors show the areas of greatest ozone depletion.

The hole in the ozone layer in Antarctica is one of the largest and deepest in recent years.

The ozone layer protects against the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. The hole grew rapidly starting in August and reached 24 million square kilometers in early October. Now it covers practically the entire Antarctic continent.

The World Meteorological Organization explained that this phenomenon is occurring due to unusually low temperatures. Claire Nullis is the spokesperson.

“The air has been by below -78ºC And that’s the temperature it takes to form stratospheric clouds in a fairly complex process. But basically, the ice in those clouds causes a reaction that can destroy the ozone layer. That is why we are seeing a very large ozone hole this year. “

By contrast, in 2019 the hole was very small. Nullis said these variations confirm that you cannot be complacent in the fight to end the use of ozone-depleting chemicals – particularly chemicals. halocarbons-and that are prohibited by an international convention.

UN / Mark Garten

Secretary General António Guterres at a press conference.

He General secretary it condemned the continuing escalation of violence in the Nagorno-Karabakh area and called on Armenia and Azerbaijan to immediately cease hostilities.

António Guterres is especially concerned that hostilities are spreading to populated areas and recalls the obligation to protect civilians. The Secretary General also called on regional and international actors to “actively exercise their influence” to bring the two countries back to the negotiating table.

UNICEF also issued a statement in which he assures that at least four children have died and several have been injured. “The numbers will grow tragically,” he warned, if the fighting continues, which is destroying houses, damaging schools and other infrastructure.

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