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Versace selling a $250 inflatable inner tube

ByKathleen Dupont

Oct 11, 2020

The rich really are getting richer — and more buoyant.

The summer may be over, but Versace’s latest extravagance — a $250 pool float dubbed the “Crete de Fleur Inflatable Float” — is still available at some retailers.

The ridiculously priced plastic inflatable inner tube covered in the designer’s signature gold brocade print is available on several high-end retailers websites — but hasn’t sold out despite some fawning press.

“Live in the lap of luxury as you work on your summer tan and float around the pool on those hot summer days,” Northern Virginia Magazine cooed to its customers in an article about “floats to amplify your home pool” while Fashion Week Daily sneered: “Because those flamingo pool floats that were all over Instagram last summer are très basic.”