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Bayern Munich: Boateng talks about his future

ByRoborto Sykes

Oct 12, 2020
While he had been announced on the departure for a while, Jérôme Boateng continues to make the heyday of Bayern Munich. Despite his 32 years, the German defender remains in the small papers of Hansi Flick. But, until when can this romance last? Asked about this, the person said he was not ruling out anything for his future. It is as likely to pile up as it is to move to other skies.

Boateng attracted to MLS

“At the end of the day, I’m happy to still be with Bayern. I’m enjoying football again, he said in an interview with Kicker. I can imagine (an extension). My children feel at home here. With Hansi Flick as coach and this team, we have fun. On the other hand, I might also be attracted to another culture ”.

Among the horizons that could tempt the 2014 world champion is the American Major League Soccer. He wouldn’t mind walking in the footsteps of his ex-teammate Bastian Schweinsteiger. “I like to learn new things and I don’t have to be in the same place all the time. The United States, Asia or even some other European country, you will see. But it is not necessary, ”he added.