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MLS, already? Griezmann invited to Inter Miami

ByRoborto Sykes

Oct 12, 2020

Passing through Football Club Channel, Blaise Matuidi was asked about the season of Antoine Griezmann, in difficulty at Barça, and did not hesitate to invite him to MLS, in his new team of Inter Miami. The Florida franchise is owned by David Beckham, highly regarded by Griezmann back when he was still treading the lawns. “Antoine is still young. If he calls me to come here? I remind you that he is in one of the biggest clubs in the world today. He just has to go through this difficult time that he is going through. After, he still has many years to play there, with a long contract (until 2024, note). Will he come here? I do not know. Only the future will tell. But if he wishes to come one day, he will be welcome “, thus entrusted the former Parisian to the microphone of the Sunday show. Griezmann already has a guaranteed base if he does not manage to win this season in Catalonia …