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Rodrygo (Real Madrid) turns down comparisons with Neymar

ByRoborto Sykes

Oct 12, 2020

Rodrygo doesn’t like to be compared to Robinho and Neymar. All three come from the youth academy of Santos, but this is where, according to the winger merengue, the comparisons end, he who was revived on this subject at a press conference of the Brazilian selection: ” From the start of my career, with Santos, people began to compare me to Neymar (both were on the pitch during Brazil’s victory on Friday against Bolivia, editor’s note) or with Robinho. I always wanted to be Rodrygo and make my own story. They have theirs. I’m just getting started. There is only one Neymar. There is only one Robinho. I’ve always tried to take that weight off myself and just try to be Rodrygo ”.

Rodrygo pays tribute to Zidane

One of those who have guided Rodrygo since moving to the Spanish capital is Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane. The 19-year-old explained the French coach’s working methods. “I think training with him at Real Madrid with him helped me in my game, especially my wing game. When I realized that I would have more opportunities if I learned to play both wings, that was an important lesson for me. With Madrid, I started playing more to the right. It has been an adaptation process, but it has increased my options – not just to play for my club, but also for the national team. It will benefit me in the long run ”.