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‘Dateline’ reveals never-before-seen interview footage of Carole Baskin from 1998

ByReiss Bowler

Oct 13, 2020

(NBC News) – Tonight on ‘Dateline’ it’s a case that has received renewed worldwide attention following Carole Baskin’s participation in the Netflix documentary ‘Tiger King’. The mysterious disappearance of her husband, Don Lewis, who disappeared in 1997 while preparing for a trip to Costa Rica. Baskin has denied any wrongdoing and has never been charged.

“Dateline” interviewed Carole a year after Don went missing, and in this never-before-seen footage she told us about the last day she saw him alive.

Carole Lewis: My husband left early in the morning and said he wanted me to get a truck ready, that he would drive to Miami the next day to haul the cargo to Costa Rica. And he didn’t show up that day to feed, which he always comes back in time to feed around 7am.

That dinner at seven was part of the couple’s daily routine, and missing it, Carole said, was strange.

CAROLE 1998: So when he wasn’t there at eleven, I still wasn’t too worried. When he didn’t return home for the rest of the night, we reported him missing. And we haven’t seen or heard anything since.

DONNA: Your world ends. We were clearly devastated.

Don’s daughters from a previous marriage.

DONNA: We didn’t know what to think. Your father is missing. Well what, what does that mean, you know?

Did Don escape a bad marriage and go to Costa Rica?

Or did he meet a significantly sinister ending?

And here’s a question: did he even make it out of the sunshine?

You can check out tonight’s all-new ‘Dateline’, featuring never-before-seen footage of Carole Baskin from the last day she saw her husband alive on NBC4 at 10pm.