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No suspension for Meschack Elia

ByRoborto Sykes

Oct 13, 2020

The Meschack Elia soap opera (undoubtedly) ended on Monday. FIFA’s dispute resolution chamber has issued its ruling following the complaint filed against both the player and his club, Young Boys Bern. Deeming himself free from any contract, the Congolese international striker was committed to it after a standoff with the Ravens. The Swiss club will have to compensate TP Mazembe, which claims victory on its official website. “FIFA acts the faulty behavior of Meschack Elia but also, jointly, that of Young Boys Berne”, we can read on tpmazembe.com, who does not specify the amount of compensation. According to information from Football365 Africa, it would be far from reaching the 6 million euros claimed.

Objective not reached for TP Mazembe

Hoped for on the Anderlecht side in the summer of 2019, Meschack Elia did not wish to commit in favor of the Belgian club, to the chagrin of TP Mazembe and its president. So presented as a fugitive, a political asylum seeker or a “kidnapped” at the hands of “crooked agents”, the winner of the 2016 CHAN ended up breaking the silence, rightly arguing of his freedom to contract with whomever seems to him. “I am the master of my life”, had recalled the player. Suspended for one year by the Congolese Federation last November, the person concerned had been issued by FIFA a provisional authorization to play, in February. At the time, the TP Mazembe said it was “serene” and hoped to receive from Young Boys “the payment of all the compensation for the transfer as written in the contract”. The objective was therefore not reached.