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The profile of the 10th stage

ByRoborto Sykes

Oct 13, 2020

After the rest, back to business for the peloton of this Giro 2020! Today’s stage offers a magnificent landscape of Italy from Lanciano. This small city with an immense history, is a destination of pilgrimages known throughout the world for the Eucharistic miracle of the year 700 in the church of Saints-Légontien-et-Dominitien. Made famous for its gastronomy, its wines and its monuments, the town of Lanciano will be the scene of the last goodbye of the peloton which will take, in a rather pleasant first part, the direction of Francavilla al Mare, near the Adriatic Sea. The runners will follow the coast with Croatia on the horizon. Then this seascape will give way to entering the land and to the first climbs of the day towards Chieti and particularly the Muro del Tricalle (4th category of which some slopes reach 18%) towards kilometer 45. After having “avoided” the city ​​of Pescara, Arnaud Démare, who is already three victories since the start of the event, and company will find the coast to the city of Giulianova where an intermediate sprint is placed.

A complicated final circuit

The continuation of the 177 km long route is the entrance and the crossing of the city of Tortoreto to begin a difficult final circuit on about forty terminals. A first descending part will allow the riders to recover before crossing the two climbs of Colonnella (294 m, 3rd category, 10% average with a maximum slope of 18%), Controguerra (24%) and join again Tortoreto (235 m, 4th category) by another slope. The course will rather level out towards the finish with a tight bend and part under a tunnel. Difficult to detect a favorite on this type of route since it will be necessary to get out of the few climbs strewn on this route. Departure is scheduled at 12:05 p.m. with an expected arrival between 4:12 p.m. and 4:39 p.m.