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Heavy defeat for Nantes in Aalborg

ByRoborto Sykes

Oct 14, 2020
The feat achieved on the floor of Kiel is definitely far away for Nantes. The protected Alberto Entrerrios have, in fact, conceded a third defeat in four days of the Champions League on the occasion of their trip to the floor of Aalborg. If Milan Milic (1 goal) was able to respond quickly to the opening scoring signed Magnus Saugstrup Jensen (6 goals), the “H” then sank with a 5-0 conceded in just over five minutes, including a of the former Parisian Henril Mollgaard (3 goals). Remobilized by their staff, the Nantes people relied on Baptiste Damatrin (4 goals) to come back to a length after a little less than a quarter of an hour of play. But Aalborg proved too solid in front of his audience. In response to the Nantes series, the Danes signed a 7-1 to regain a seven-point lead at halftime.

Nantes has never been in the right tempo

Back on the floor, the teammates of Mattéo Fadhuile-Crepy (5 goals) tried to react, to come back in a match that they did not know how to turn in their favor in the first period. But Lukas Sandell (2 goals) and his teammates decided otherwise, including a 3-0 which allowed Aalborg to take more than ten goals in advance. A time returned to eight goals, the Nantes could not get closer to less than seven lengths … less than two minutes from the end of the meeting. After two back-to-back goals from Mads Christiansen (3 goals) and then Buster Engelbrecht Juul-Lassen (3 goals), Dragan Pechmalbec (2 goals) scored the last goal of the match for a defeat of HBC Nantes by eight lengths (32- 24). If Aalborg continues his clear round, four wins in four games, and keeps pace with Veszprém, Nantes clings to the Top 6 of Group B at the end of this fourth day.

Group B – 4th day
Wednesday October 14, 2020
Aalborg – Nantes: 32-24
Veszprem – Celje: 39-24
8:45 p.m .: FC Barcelona – Zagreb

Postponed to a later date
Kiel – Motor Zaporozhye

Group B classification
1- Veszprém 8 points
2- Aalborg 8
3- FC Barcelona 6
4- Kiel 4
5- Nantes 2
6- Motor Zaporozhye 0
7- Zagreb 0
8- Celje 0