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Croatia – France: the main reactions

ByRoborto Sykes

Oct 15, 2020

Didier Deschamps (coach of the France team, on TF1) : “It’s difficult for everyone. We knew we were going to have a battle to fight tonight. Too bad we didn’t manage to score the second goal with Kylian’s opportunity in the first half “Croatia came back with better intentions following changes. We did what was necessary in the second half. The sequence is complicated for the players and that’s why I turned it but it ‘It’s a good internship with the group that ends with a victory. This team has always had character. It’s not because we won a title in 2018 that we win with a snap of the fingers. ‘failed to score against Portugal, it’s also because the team opposite was good. We had good opposition even though we had an excellent start to the match. The quality and character are there and I am very happy with this group “.

Antoine Griezmann (striker of the France team, on TF1) : “It was a complicated game, not very beautiful to watch and to play with a soft ground and a team that wanted to beat us. I think I scored the most beautiful but I put everything in and if it started in the stands, it was the same. It is good for morale but I benefit from the confidence of the coach, my teammates. “

Hugo Lloris (French team goalkeeper on L’Équipe TV) : “We expected to suffer, but maybe not as much. But from the moment everyone suffers and fights for the collective, it remains positive. We would have liked to have a little more control. We played a little too low against the many quality players they had. ”