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PSG: Tuchel responds to Leonardo

ByRoborto Sykes

Oct 15, 2020

The exchange had not gone unnoticed. Just before the end of the transfer window, Thomas Tuchel had thrown a rant on his workforce, which he considered insufficiently stocked for a club as ambitious as Paris Saint-Germain. Leonardo’s crisp crop followed. Asked about these bickering, Thomas Tuchel did not walk away to a press conference.

“I heard his statement clearly. I gave my opinion about the situation, explained the German technician on Thursday about his sporting director. In football, I never take things personally. We had no contact afterwards. We did the training with the players present for two weeks, and that’s the thing I love the most, working on the pitch. “

“Conflicts? It doesn’t change the fact that the players are linked”

Thomas Tuchel then provided details about his relationship with Leonardo. “Last season you observed a close-knit and very close team. But at the same time, there are conflicts. It doesn’t change the fact that the players are linked. Me, I gave my opinion on a situation, Leo gave his. I don’t take anything personally. I give my opinion because I feel like it’s my job as a coach to fight for my team. Now things are clear and we can move forward. “