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The Daily News Box invested usd 2,744 million during his administration in 2019 – The Daily News Box

ByKathleen Dupont

Oct 15, 2020

Quito, October 15, 2020

The The Daily News Box (MSP) was accountable to the public and complied with the constitutional mandate, corresponding to the management during 2019. The report was presented this Thursday, October 15, by Juan Carlos Zevallos, Minister of Public Health; Carlos Jaramillo, National Undersecretary of Health Services Provision and Diana Molina, National Undersecretary of Health Governance.

Minister Zevallos emphasized that accountability not only makes it possible to strengthen and make public management transparent, but also consolidates the full development of the principle of citizenship as a fundamental axis of democracy.

During his presentation, Jaramillo highlighted that among the main actions are the care in external consultations, hospitalizations and emergencies that amounted to 46.3 million, as well as the investment of USD 2,744 million in human talent, infrastructure, immunizations, equipment and expansion of health coverage .

He highlighted that through the Medico del Barrio strategy, 851,637 vulnerable and priority patients were treated in 220 cantons nationwide, and more than a million pregnant women in prenatal check-ups. In addition to coverage for 182,000 deliveries and around 209,000 services for chronically malnourished children.

Undersecretary Diana Molina stated that approximately 6 million people were immunized and 1,017 million patients with chronic non-communicable diseases were provided medical services and, in addition, 188,233 referrals were made in the Comprehensive Public Health Network (RPIS).

Through 203 health establishments, 29,456 cases of gender violence were attended and 66,378 people participated in the awareness program on this social problem.

As a last point, Zevallos referred to the management carried out in the face of the health emergency caused by COVID-19 in Ecuador. He stressed that the investment is USD 219 million to strengthen the primary health sector, the active search for COVID-19 cases, expand the care capacity in the 142 hospitals, with the support of the 52,724 health professionals and 656 ambulances at scale national.

Through international and national cooperation, the MSP received close to USD 25 million in personal protective equipment, medical devices, RT-PCR tests from more than 12 countries, 23 private companies, 9 national governmental organizations (NGOs) and 9 agencies. UN and Development. It also specified international agreements signed with Germany, Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom and the United States.

The Secretary of State referred to the issuance of disability cards and argued that 38 qualifying tables were set up that work efficiently for people who really need to access this right.

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