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The profile of the 12th stage

ByRoborto Sykes

Oct 15, 2020
After arriving in Rimini on Wednesday, the Giro peloton will stay close to the Adriatic Riviera for the 12th stage of the event. But the 204-kilometer loop traced around Cesenatico, in the land of Marco Pantani, will leave the seaside aside to go back inland and offer a route where, apart from the first 26 kilometers, there will be very little time to recover between ascents and descents. After a first unlisted climb towards Polenta then a second leading the peloton towards Pieve di Rivoschio via San Matteo, the climb towards Ciola (4th category, 6km at 6.4%) will offer a regular slope with a peak of 12% at the first third of the ascent. As soon as the descent towards Mercato Saraceno is completed, the road will once again rear up towards Rabbotto (3rd category, 4.5km at 8.4%).

A course that could appeal to the brave

The “corrugated iron” profile of this 12th stage will then lead the riders to a climb in two stages. After passing through Montetiffi (1.8km at 9.8%) and two kilometers of descent, the ascent of Perticara (3rd category, 8.1km at 4.7%) will be added to the efforts already made … and it will still be far from over as the peloton will approach the Principality of San Marino, which hosted the race in 2019. Indeed, the road to Madonna di Pugliano (3rd category, 9.1km to 5.5 %) will be the fourth and penultimate ascent of the day. Once the summit of Gorolo (4th category, 4.4km at 6.3%), a descent of just under sixteen kilometers will bring the race back to the edge of the Adriatic Sea and Cesenatico at the end of a flat portion of ‘about fifteen kilometers. A demanding profile that could make the control of a breakaway difficult for teams of sprinters and open the door to backpackers.