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For his daughter, Salah becomes indestructible

ByRoborto Sykes

Oct 16, 2020

While he is one of Liverpool’s key players Jurgen klopp, winner of the Champions League 2019 and the 2020 England Championship, Mohamed Salah nevertheless retains a sense of family. And to make his daughter Mekka happy, whose birthday he was celebrating this Thursday, this cake dad did not hesitate to don the costume of Mr. Incredible, the famous superhero from Pixar studios. Something to delight his offspring, also disguised for the occasion.

But for the Egyptian center forward, the return to current affairs is already for Saturday with a hot Mersey derby between Liverpool and Everton, current Premier League leaders. For the Reds, who remain on a stinging setback against Aston Villa (7-2) after having started the season with three victories, it will be a question of getting back on the right track and above all not losing so as not to see your opponent take six points ahead in the standings.