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MSP receives two health posts for populations on the Morona Santiago border – The Daily News Box

ByKathleen Dupont

Oct 16, 2020

Morona Santiago, October 15, 2020

As part of the signing of the inter-institutional cooperation agreement between the The Daily News Box (MSP) and the Lowell Mineral Exploration company, this Thursday, October 15, two equipped health posts were received at the Shuar centers in Warints and Yawi, located to the south of the country in the border province of Morona Santiago that will benefit more than 500 people.

The first-level health care units are container type supplied with medical supplies, where the MSP will assign health personnel to provide permanent care, while the company will be in charge of mobilizing front-line personnel.

The event was attended by Juan León Pilco, governor of the Morona Santiago province; Camilo Rivadeneira, District Director 14D06 – Health; Federico Velásquez, representative of Lowell Mineral Exploration; Marcelo Wachapá, trustee of the Yawi center and Agustín Kayuk, trustee of the Warints center.

Rivadeneira stressed “On behalf of the The Daily News Box, I want to thank and acknowledge the contribution of the entire team, it is important to keep the work coordinated and articulated for the benefit of citizens, we are changing a chapter in the history of Warints and Yawi.”

Federico Velásquez, representative of Lowell Mineral Exploration emphasized that this contribution, coordinated with the National Government, will improve the quality of life of the residents “We are strengthening our relationship of partners and friends of the strategic alliance formed with the communities of Warints and Yawi”, Velasquez said.

Juan León Pilco, Governor of Morona Santiago, said that these health posts will strengthen the infrastructure that the MSP has and that they are of great help to communities that are in isolated places.

Agustín Kayuk, trustee of the Warints center, pointed out that these actions and the relationships of trust between the communities, provincial authorities and private companies benefit the families of the two communities.

The Health program that Lowell Mineral Exploration executes with the MSP, aims to articulate actions that make it possible to strengthen and guarantee health care for the local population, and also strengthens the first level of health care.


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