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Bond declined for ‘Cheer’ star Jerry Harris

ByReiss Bowler

Oct 17, 2020

CHICAGO (NewsNation now) – Bond was banned for ‘Cheer’ star Jerry Harris on Friday. A Cook County ruled ruled that Harris will remain in prison pending trial for child pornography.

Harris, 21, has been accused of soliciting sexually explicit videos and photos of twin boys, one of them Harris sending that content to social media.

Prosecutors said Harris first contacted one of the boys when he was 13, with Instagram posts showing Harris asking the boy for pictures of his face and ‘loot’.

The two had later exchanged graphic videos and photos on Snapchat.

The boy’s mother found text messages in February of this year in which Harris apologized to the boy and suggested they stop contacting each other. Finally, the boy’s mother found the pornographic videos and photos and contacted the police.

Harris’s lawyer states that he was a teenager himself, but still an adult when contact with the boy began.

A motion by Harris’ attorneys, filed ahead of a court hearing on Wednesday, says the mental health care the 21-year-old man needs in suburban Chicago is not available in federal prison. The document also said Harris has asthma, which puts him at greater risk for serious illness from COVID-19.

WGN, affiliated with NewsNation, contributed to this report.