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“No complaints to my players”

ByRoborto Sykes

Oct 17, 2020
What feeling do you have after this defeat in the final?
The disappointment is immense. I am disappointed for my players because what they have done is enormous, beyond the gaps and mistakes. Take a hundred meter try after ten seconds, more than one team would have collapsed. They managed to get up and lead at half-time. We were beaten in the second period. We lose on mistakes and slag and Bristol immediately took points. But I am really disappointed and sad for them.

What do you think this final was about?
We were impatient in the second period. Whereas in first, we suffered but we were more patient. But in second, we were not precise in front of the lines, we should perhaps have taken points. We played under pressure when there was no need to be. We should have played more in the Bristol camp when we are leading the score. It is a lack of control and experience of these matches.

Was there a turning point in this part, in your opinion?
The match may be played on this key five meters from our line which we lose and which leads to the test. But I’m not going to hold it against them. They train to win. Today, we are not winning, but we have very solid foundations for the future. I can’t wait to be next. Tonight (Friday), I have no complaints about the players.

Collazo:: “It’s the start of something”

How do you see the rest after this defeat that comes early in a season?
The paradox is that we are indeed at the start of the season. That’s what I told them in the locker room. This evening (Friday), it was perhaps a stage. They gave themselves the means to win it but Bristol also deserves its victory. They put out a huge performance. We pushed them into the ropes.

We don’t feel as downcast as you might be after losing in the final …
It’s the start of something, because we will switch to the championship next weekend. But tonight (Friday), there are too many beautiful things for it to stop there. We had a cartridge. We shot it, we missed the target. Players give too much of themselves on a daily basis not to pay for themselves one day. I am convinced that they will pay off soon.

How did you find the atmosphere?
I wanted to thank the supporters. Even at a thousand, it seemed like there were five thousand. We are disappointed not to bring anything back for them too.