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Realistically, the Zamalek has the Raja (0-1)

ByRoborto Sykes

Oct 18, 2020

Like his rival Al-Ahly the day before against Wydad, Zamalek won this Sunday in Casablanca on the lawn of Raja (0-1). And like the Red Devils, the White Knights took the game at the right end by opening the scoring on one of their first chances, for Achraf Bencharki. The ancient wydadi nodded on a long cross from Zizo (18th, 0-1). A handful of minutes earlier, the Cameroonian referee of the match had not flinched when Rahimi had found himself knocked down in the fateful area.

The meeting therefore took on the appearance of attack-defense. Dominators, the champions of Morocco monopolized the ball, but struggled to create clear opportunities. The second half would confirm this trend. Ngah pushed Gabal well on the parade (67th). The porter succeeded in a flawless performance, and also saw Rahimi miss the frame with a nice discount from Hafidi (90th). Beaten only once in its last six games against Moroccan teams, Zamalek continued this momentum and is placed in favorable waivers before the return leg next weekend.

The starting eleven: