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Charles would remove Princess Anne from the inner circle by becoming king

ByMicheal Johnson

Oct 19, 2020

Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Anne

Princess Anne is the only daughter of Queen Elizabeth II, but Charles would give priority to William, Kate and their respective children.

Princess Anne, the second daughter and only daughter of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, is likely to be expelled from the ‘inner circle’ of the royal family when Prince Charles becomes king.

Royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams, while speaking to the Express newspaper, said: “The Royal Family will evolve with the arrival of Charles to the throne.”

“As far as the inner core goes, I think it’s perfectly clear that it will be Charles and Camilla, and then William and Kate and their children and eventual wives,” Fitzwilliams said on the website.

The expert said: “You often have the feeling that certain royals who do a lot or who are much older will have to take on different roles at that time.”

He said: “Princess Anne is 70 years old and does a number of remarkable activities. He will certainly want to continue, but who knows how it will unfold?