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Disney + has modified its productions to place warnings about racism

ByMicheal Johnson

Oct 19, 2020

Images with Disney + stereotypes

Older productions like Dumbo and Peter Pan now have warning messages about stereotypes.

The new Disney + platform had to make a number of modifications to its older productions to place warnings about racism for viewers watching classic cartoons like Dumbo and Peter Pan.

When viewed on the Disney + streaming service, movies like The Aristocats and The Jungle Book now display a message about stereotypes, according to the New York Post.

The warning reads: “This program includes negative representations and / or mistreatment of people or cultures. These stereotypes were wrong then and now. “

Instead of removing the content, the company chose to make a recognition: “Our goal is to learn from it and engage in conversations to create a more inclusive future together,” he justifies.

In the case of the 1941 film Dumbo, one of the singing crows who helps him learn to fly, features a leading crow named Jim Crow, referring to a set of racist segregationist laws in the southern United States. They have also exaggerated stereotypical black voices. The main raven was voiced by white actor Cliff Edwards at the time.

The Aristocats is an animated musical comedy that shows cats of different nationalities living together and dealing with their cultural perspectives.

The Asian cat Shun Gon has slanted eyes and protruding teeth. He also plays the piano with chopsticks.

And in 1953’s Peter Pan, Native Americans are called ‘Redskins’.

Another warning reads: “Although these drawings do not represent today’s society, they are being presented as originally created, because to do otherwise would be tantamount to stating that these prejudices never existed.”