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The canceled matches of ASVEL will finally take place

ByRoborto Sykes

Oct 20, 2020
Relief for ASVEL! While the French club could not play its two Euroleague games last week against Panathinaikos (Tuesday) and Red Star Belgrade (Thursday) at Astroballe, because its workforce was decimated by the coronavirus , the Euroleague announced that these two matches were postponed and not canceled, due to a change of regulations. The previous rule stipulated that a match had to be canceled if a team could not present at least eight able-bodied players. Now, with the new rules, “a match that could not take place can be rescheduled up to three times, if there are dates available; In the event of unavailability of dates or the maximum number of schedules reached, the club that caused the original rescheduling will lose the match, and no match will be rescheduled after April 13, 2021 for the regular season and after May 5, 2021 for the play-offs. “

Bourg-en-Bresse also concerned

As the new regulations are retroactive, the matches ASVEL – Panathinaikos, ASVEL – Red Star Belgrade, Vitoria – Zenit St-Petersburg and Valencia – Zenit St-Petersburg will therefore be played, but the dates have not yet been fixed. The Eurocup (the second European Cup, also organized by the Euroleague) also sees its regulations being modified. Bourg-en-Bresse, also affected by covid-19, will one day be able to play its match against Venice canceled last week (the one against Kazan, scheduled this week, is also already postponed). “The changes to the special regulations include thoughts shared by the Euroleague Players Association and the Euroleague Coaches Council. During the board meeting, the clubs stressed the need to remain flexible and to adapt to the situation, while always respecting the fundamental principles of protection of the health of individuals, of preserving the regularity of competition and of respect for its integrity and its equity »Concludes the Euroleague.