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What if Karabatic also missed the Games?

ByRoborto Sykes

Oct 20, 2020
The World Cup, The Final Four of the Champions League, and also the Tokyo Games? Nikola Karabatic (36 years old), violently cut off in his tracks by a rupture of the cruciate ligament of the right knee contracted last Saturday with Paris in the league against Ivry, already knows that he will be deprived of the World Championship next January in Egypt as well as of the final four of C1 postponed at the very end of the year (December 28 and 29) and that his club, PSG, will find after two years of absence (the Parisians, finalists the previous year, had been eliminated in the semi-finals by Nantes). But that may not be all. The left-back and star center-half of the France team could indeed, admittedly in the worst case, miss the Tokyo Olympics, rescheduled for the summer of 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In its press release, Paris Saint-Germain was content to speak of an “unavailability estimated at several months”. However, for such an injury, it is generally necessary to wait six months before being able to consider a return to competition.

The Games could take off in March for Karabatic …

Operated “soon”, again to use the terms of the Parisian club press release, the four-time world champion, two-time gold medalist at the Games and three-time European champion should therefore not return to the field before April at the earliest. This will not leave him much time to prepare for the possible Olympic tournament, for which nothing says that he will be sufficiently recovered. The fate could even prove even harder for the eldest of the Karabatic brothers (he will be 37 years old on April 11) if the Blues come to not validate at all their ticket for these Games postponed for a year. Guillaume Gille’s players will play their qualification (and therefore also perhaps that of Karabatic) next March during the TQO of Montpellier against Croatia, Portugal and Tunisia, without their leader. A month before making his return, the French international who had not missed any international meeting since the 2003 World Cup could therefore learn that he will not be on the adventure in Tokyo, that he is given a hundred percent or not. Obviously, this is the worst scenario that could arise on the route of the native of Nis (Yugoslavia).