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Hognon surprised by the end of his adventure

ByRoborto Sykes

Oct 22, 2020
For nearly 22 months, Vincent Hognon was the interim coach of FC Metz, in place of Frédéric Antonetti. As a reminder, the Corsican technician had withdrawn his role as coach of the team in December 2018 with a view to taking care of his wife, ill and deceased last July.

Since October 12, Antonetti is again the coach of FC Metz and Vincent Hognon was thanked to him when he had been able to obtain good results with the group.

At the microphone of Téléfoot, Hognon commented on this theme, admitting a certain surprise. “It’s still a surprise, because we had a good start to the season and when we have results, it’s always more difficult and more surprising. But at the same time, I am not surprised in the sense that the starting situation was exceptional. It lasted a very, very long time, and Frédéric expressed to the president his wish to become a club coach again. The president had promised him and he granted his request “, he indicated.

Furthermore, Hognon acknowledged that he had a good overall relationship with the president and the whole club. I had the opportunity to return to the staff and become an assistant again, but I decided to decline, to find myself free of my choices and my future. But it ends very well with the president, with the club, there is no problem. It’s an atypical starting situation, which led to that. “