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Thiago Silva addresses the pressure of the Champions League at PSG

ByRoborto Sykes

Oct 22, 2020
The story between Thiago Silva and PSG could have ended with a coronation in the Champions League, but Bayern Munich won against the capital club in the Lisbon Final 8 last August (1-0) . Released from his contract by Paris Saint-Germain after a last freelance on this occasion, the central defender had recently castigated Leonardo’s behavior to explain his departure.

“He asked me if I was OK to continue for two more months to play in a possible Final 8. I told him I was. But he told me that the club would not go beyond these two months. It would be two months and nothing else. It should have been done differently “, he had indicated in particular last September in the columns of France Football.

A routine experienced at PSG

However, he put forward another reason other than Leonardo’s attitude as to his move to Chelsea and his discovery of the Premier League. For me it would be difficult to start another year with all this pressure of having to win the Champions League. So logically, I change the air a little, I’m a little more relaxed. Not that there is no pressure here, the pressure is the same! A great team, looking to win titles, but hey, I came to help, I can help at any time “, Thiago Silva (36) explained to Esporte Interativo.

Almost mechanically, the Brazilian was struggling to find permanent motivation in Paris. “VSit had been 8 years that I played in Paris. Logically, one way or another, you fall in comfort. Not a comfort in the sense of no longer working, no longer looking for good results, but you end up falling into a routine “, justified the new element of the Blues.