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Khachanov ulcerated after referee decision

ByRoborto Sykes

Oct 23, 2020

We know that tennis is often played with little, at a point that can turn a match … And that, Karen Khachanov did not (at all) support. In the quarter-finals of the Antwerp tournament on Friday, the Russian could get a match point at 7-7 in the tie-break of the second set, against Daniel Evans. Except that the latter’s forehand was in bounds, according to the referee who did not have video assistance. Khachanov was absolutely certain that this bullet was out, so much so that he went a little crazy and went straight to the chair judge: “Everyone saw that this ball was foul. What are you doing here ? You have nothing to do in this chair! “

In the process, Khachanov lost the point and the second set with it. By crossing the net, he could not help but violate it with a big kick. Even his opponent remained banned … The world No. 17, sanctioned with a logical warning, returned at length to the locker room. Coming back, he cursed the referee again: “I don’t want to hear you anymore, you don’t know about my frustration.” The scenario then seemed written in advance: Khachanov lost in three sets (3-6, 7-6, 6-4). It is therefore not him who will find Ugo Humbert in the semi-finals on Saturday. Grigor Dimitrov is now the highest seed in the Belgian tournament (seeded 4), he who will face Alex De Minaur in the other half.