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Precious victory for Tours, Montpellier and Toulouse on their momentum, Chaumont in difficulty

ByRoborto Sykes

Oct 24, 2020
While Tourcoing won this Friday on the floor of AS Cannes, Tours had to respond this Saturday. And Hubert Henno’s players did not miss the boat on the Poitiers floor. After winning the first two rounds, Artur Udrys’ teammates (17 points) experienced a moment of hesitation with the third round conceded to the players of Brice Donat, who were able to rely on the 19 points of Chizoba Neves. But the TVB did not risk going to the tiebreak and concluded the meeting in four sets (22-25, 22-25, 25-22, 22-25) to return to two points behind the leader. For its part, after two inaugural defeats, Montpellier is fully launched this season. Nicolas Mendez’s teammates (17 points) dominated the first round without a hitch on the Ajaccio floor before seeing Maxime Roatta’s teammates (18 points) raise their level of play to pick up one round everywhere. The Hérault residents then raised their voice to regain the advantage at the end of the third round. Then, after having saved two set points, Olivier Lecat’s players concluded the match on their second opportunity (14-25, 25-22, 20-25, 26-28).

Toulouse still undefeated, Chaumont adrift

Beaten by Tours for his first outing of the season, Toulouse has not been at fault since. On the move to Nice, the Spacer’s players relied on a huge Théo Faure (32 points) to respond to the aggressive start of the match from the Niçois who, thanks in particular to Léo Andric (22 points), pocketed the first round. A meeting that was a crossover between the two teams since, after seeing the Toulouse return to a round everywhere, the players of Ratko Peris regained the advantage after a third set hung but without concluding during of the fourth round. The tiebreak was one-sided with a clear domination of Toulouse who had the last word (25-21, 25-27, 25-22, 19-25, 7-15). If, on the Toulouse side, we laugh, this is not the case in Chaumont. The 2017 French champion and finalist in 2018 and 2019 is struggling at the start of the season. However, moving on the floor of Nantes-Rezé, the players of Silvano Prandi were able to lead two rounds to nothing, with Jesus Herrera at the maneuver (19 points). But the Nantes players of Peter Michalovic (30 points) and Michele Fedrizzi (24 points) had the resources to turn the direction of the match around and win in five sets (23-25, 26-28, 27-25, 25- 21, 15-11), inflicting on Chaumont a third straight setback.

Friday 23 October 2020
Paris – Narbonne : 0-3 (23-25, 15-25, 15-25)
Sète – Cambrai: 3-2 (18-25, 29-27, 29-31, 28-26, 15-13)
AS Cannes – Tourcoing : 0-3 (22-25, 29-31, 17-25)

Saturday 24 October 2020
Ajaccio – Montpellier : 1-3 (14-25, 25-22, 20-25, 26-28)
Poitiers – Tours : 1-3 (22-25, 22-25, 25-22, 22-25)
Nantes-Reze – Chaumont: 3-2 (23-25, 26-28, 27-25, 25-21, 15-11)
Nice – Toulouse : 2-3 (25-21, 25-27, 25-22, 19-25, 7-15)