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Umtiti tells why he snubbed Lyon

ByRoborto Sykes

Oct 25, 2020

False starts, FC Barcelona experienced during the summer, Messi almost left, but finally stayed, and the scenario was more or less the same for Samuel Umtiti, who delivered himself to the microphone of the Football Club Channel this Sunday. “Everything was possible during the transfer window. Lyon is my club and my city. It was he who offered me the opportunity to be seen. There were discussions, but it was quick, but nothing I had to be able to speak with a club. I’ll be honest: Barcelona is Barcelona. I don’t want to leave Barcelona and even less like that“, reveals the former defender of OL, who was also probed about his injury and his current physical condition.

“The last two years have been the most complicated of my career. Sometimes I got really fed up. I relapsed every time, and with different injuries because I was trying to compensate. It was not a problem of knee, is that I had a total imbalance. I had to start from scratch. I stopped eating meat, fish and milk. I feel better, I sleep better. have never felt so good physically. My body has changed too. I lost 3 kilos. I have refined myself. And I have never worked so hard. And i’m happy“, he reassured.

“They are trying to kill us”

In competition with his compatriot Clément Lenglet in club as a selection, Umtiti says that there is no jealousy or bad vibes in the tricolor duo. “He occupies my position, in Barcelona or in the French team. It doesn’t bother me at all. On the contrary, I encourage him and there is a very good understanding between us. We could play together. But, I think that ‘he knows it: when I come back, I will do everything to regain my place and to play. But there is no jealousy between us “. Umtiti also spoke about solidarity within the French colony of Barça: “With Antoine and Ousmane, we are often together. We have all lived through complicated times. Everyone puts knives behind our backs and wants to kill us. But, between us, we try to laugh. That’s all to make us smile. ”Finally Umtiti was invited to talk about the Messi soap opera, which kept football fans in suspense for several weeks during the summer.“ It has been an eventful summer. For me and the club. It made me feel weird to read that. Leo wanted to leave. He has his reasons. But to imagine Barça without Messi, it is not possible “.