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Arsenal fall at home to Leicester / Premier League (J6)

ByRoborto Sykes

Oct 26, 2020

Arsenal, who recently beat Leicester 0-2 in the League Cup third round on 23 September, found the Foxes (this time very fortunate) on the sixth day of the Premier League. And from the 4th minute of play, a goal signed Alexandre Lacazette with an uncrossed header at the near post on a corner was refused because of an offside from Xhaka. The French center forward stood out again after half an hour on a new head, but this time his attempt was captured by Schmeichel. Lacazette and the Gunners offered themselves other more or less frank opportunities, but did not open the scoring before the break. The fault is a lack of correctness in the choices and relevance in the last gesture. 0-0, the score at the break therefore.

The Gunners fired blanks

Established for the first time at home, the onerous Gunners rookie Thomas Partey was inspired in midfield, especially in the second half, succeeding the vast majority of his passes. Arsenal would also accelerate as the minutes went by and put more intensity in the offensives. Bellerin even stumbled over Schmeichel 20 minutes from the end with a consecutive recovery from a center signed Aubameyang. Opposite, the harmlessness of the Foxes questioned, but the Gunners were slow to take advantage of it. Jamie Vardy’s teammates would finally wake up ten minutes from the end, with a new achievement from the England international, known for his predilection to score during major meetings. A good ball from Tielemans for รœnder allowed the latter to feed Vardy who thus scored in the empty goal. The Leicester striker would give himself another opportunity late in the game, starting behind Mustafi’s back, but Leno deflected his shot this time around. Nothing was going to be registered in this match (0-1) and Leicester climbed to fourth place at the expense of his evening opponent. The Gunners have drawn blanks and may have regrets.