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The pilot who should have ensured the flight will be tried in a year

ByRoborto Sykes

Oct 26, 2020

It is a long and thorny affair which should find its end in a few more years. During the 2019 Winter Mercato, FC Nantes and Cardiff City manage to reach an agreement for the transfer of Argentinian Emiliano Sala for 17 million euros. After having greeted his future ex-teammates one last time, the striker had been chartered a flight to join his new club but the changing weather conditions are disastrous for the small device which takes the direction of the capital of Wales. Emiliano Sala died on January 21, 2019 in the crash of the private plane near the Channel Islands, in the English Channel. But many elements of this affair remain strange. According to the testimony of Willie McKay, a Scottish middleman who participated in the deal, David Henderson (66), a very experienced pilot, was to be in command and bring Emiliano Sala to port. But the latter, for a reason still unknown to all, had offered the “job” to David Ibbotson by asking him if he wanted “to spend a weekend in Nantes”. The latter was then executed …

Henderson pleads not guilty

Nine months after the tragic events which led to the death of Emiliano Sala and probably that of David Ibbotson, whose body has never been found, the circumstances and in particular the regularity of the theft, are still suspect. Not only cited in this case, David Henderson, from East Yorkshire, is accused of risking the safety of the aircraft as well as of attempting to disembark a passenger without permission or valid authorization. For his role as an intermediary in the organization of the tragic flight, Henderson pleaded on Monday, “not guilty” of violations of the laws on air navigation before being released on bail. The pilot will be judged on October 18, 2021, said judge Tracey Lloyd-Clarke. For his part, the 66-year-old’s lawyer, Stephen Spence, said he “would raise the question of whether Cardiff was an appropriate place for a fair trial, given the connection of Emiliano Sala with the Welsh Capital Football Club. »Response at least in one year …