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Attention to patients due to COVID-19 has decreased at the Eugenio Espejo Hospital in Quito – The Daily News Box

ByKathleen Dupont

Oct 27, 2020

Quito, October 26, 2020

At the Eugenio Espejo Specialties Hospital (HEEE) in Quito, care for patients due to COVID-19 decreased by 77%, compared to July 2020, where the highest peak was registered, with a total of 462 people treated by this pathology. In March, there were 26; April 129; May, 181; June 410; August, 364; September 250 and October 108.

Sandra Cisneros, manager of the health home, reported this excellent news to the Minister of Public Health, Juan Carlos Zevallos, who toured the COVID-19 area, emergency and other health units, in the company of Mario Arboleda, director of the hospital.

“How important to know that after this weekend there was no great demand for attention due to COVID-19, that shows that people are committed to taking care of their health,” said Minister Zevallos, while thanking the efforts of doctors for facing this difficult situation.

The hospital has 64 beds to cover coronavirus cases. Of this total, 36 are for hospitalization, 22 for Intensive Care Units (ICU) and six for emergency.

“We currently have a 26% availability of beds throughout the hospital. This month there was a considerable decrease in patients due to COVID-19. However, I must specify that the virus is still active and for this we must take the same precautions as up to now, ”said Arboleda.

Manager Cisneros said that from March to October 26, 3,216 attentions were registered for coronavirus, of which 2,792 have recovered and, unfortunately, 424 people have died.

Regarding the investment in the hospital, he explained that for medicines and medical devices USD 5.3 million was available, USD 3 million for human talent and USD 23 thousand for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). “Since the beginning of the pandemic, the HEEE has hired 112 health professionals to strengthen the services and coverage in this health center in favor of the citizenry,” Cisneros said.


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