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“I have never seen Van Basten play”

ByRoborto Sykes

Oct 27, 2020
“I received a lot of messages from my friends and from people in the football world. It’s obviously a pleasure ”, told RFI Lassina Traoré, author of a quintuplet with Ajax Amsterdam against VVV Venlo (0-13). “I’m used to scoring goals but what happened [samedi] East really exceptional. It’s gone down in Ajax’s history. It’s something very new for me, ”continued the former Rahimo FC.

Became the first Ajax player to score five or more goals in an Eredivisie game since Marco van Basten in 1985, the Burkinabé was flattered by the comparison. “I was really surprised after the game. I was informed of this performance. It was extremely moving, he admitted, before making a confession. I’ve never seen him play. But I have seen videos and we often talk about him in the locker room. So, I have a bit of an idea of ​​his person. “

Author of three assists in addition to her five goals, Lassina Traoré details her technical profile. “I’m a bit of a passer because I like to win,” explains the 19-year-old. Because when you’re isolated in attack, it’s a bit difficult to touch the ball. So, you have to drop out to combine. This is one of my strengths. I use it well, for the moment. ” It’s the least we can say.