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Magic Tree House books to be adapted into graphic novels

ByReiss Bowler

Oct 27, 2020

NEW YORK (AP) – Mary Pope Osborne prepares her million-selling “Magic Tree House” series for a new adventure.

She has teamed up with playwright Jenny Laird and illustrator sisters Kelly Matthews and Nichole Matthews to adapt her work for graphic novels. The first release will be an adaptation of the first “Magic Tree House” book, “Dinosaurs Before Dark”, and is scheduled for May 4th. Future editions will appear every six months.

“I am so excited that Jack and Annie’s time travel adventures are reaching a new generation of readers drawn to the exciting visual experience that graphic novels provide,” Osborne said in a statement Tuesday. “As with all my books, I hope these adaptations will inspire children to learn more about world history and instill a lifelong love of reading.”

According to Random House Books for Young Readers, Osborne’s series has sold more than 140 million copies worldwide since its inception in 1992.