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Pirlo will treat Messi with enormous respect

ByRoborto Sykes

Oct 27, 2020
On Wednesday evening, Juventus Turin will face FC Barcelona on behalf of the second day of the Champions League (9 p.m.). With this in mind, Andrea Pirlo mentioned the meeting at a press conference, speaking in particular of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, while the participation of the second remains uncertain, due to his positive case with the coronavirus, dating from October 13.

“We have to wait for the result (from Ronaldo’s test), I think the result will come tonight “, Pirlo said. “We will first wait for the result and then we will see. For the moment, everything is still unclear and then we will see. We hope to assess it, even if it is difficult after 15 days of absence”, explained the coach of the Old Lady.

Pirlo hails Messi and Ronaldo’s consistency

Both teams collected three points on Matchday 1 and Pirlo is looking forward to the game against Lionel Messi which he says needs special treatment. “Messi is still at the top, I have faced him several times as a player and tomorrow will be the first time as a coach. These players need to be treated differently, hoping they are not at their best I will treat him with the enormous respect he deserves “, said Pirlo, aware that “For 15 years, Messi and Cristiano have been doing great things”.