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Tuchel looks back on the role of Marquinhos and the tensions

ByRoborto Sykes

Oct 27, 2020

It is in an electric context that Thomas Tuchel spoke on Tuesday at the traditional pre-match press briefing preceding the match against Istanbul Basaksehir, scheduled for Wednesday at 6:55 p.m. Directly launched on his future, the German technician remained straight in his boots. “No, I don’t feel in danger before this game. I know how I work. A coach cannot be afraid of the result“.

“Marquinhos will play mid Wednesday”

But there was also question of the role of Marquinhos, used last Saturday in the middle against Dijon (4-0) with a Danilo Pereira retreated in central defense. “It was a decision for the team, not against anyone, not against Danilo. I have thought about this a lot. I really liked what he brought us in the middle. He is more important for the team in this position, he will play in the middle on Wednesday“.

We are very demanding of ourselves, I really hope the Manchester game was the last reminder that you have to give your all physically and mentally to win, Thomas Tuchel continued. We play the champion of Turkey. We lack players but we have sufficient quality and we are here to show that we absolutely want to win and that we are able to play much better than last week.“.

“The context? I didn’t discuss that with the players”

In addition, Thomas Tuchel is keen to disregard the tensions between France and Turkey. “I haven’t discussed this with the players until now. I’ll think about it, maybe I’ll do it tonight or tomorrow. We are not only athletes, we are also citizens of this world. I am sad that we cannot live in harmony. There are some tensions, it’s true. We will think about it to perhaps give an opinion or clarify the situation for some players but not too much either. We are focused on the athlete. It is also a privilege to play in the Champions League, to give a signal that it is possible to fight sporting“.