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Dijon beaten again, Metz in control

ByRoborto Sykes

Oct 28, 2020
Metz did not have to force his talent to remain undefeated. In one of the two matches of the 6th day of the Butagaz Energie League which was not affected by a postponement, the Mosellanes quietly imposed themselves on the floor of Toulon-Saint-Cyr. Led by Orlane and Laura Kanor (respectively 5 and 4 goals), the players of Manu Mayonnade made the hole even before the end of the first ten minutes with an advantage of six lengths. Toulon-Saint-Cyr, with a Marine Dupuis (8 goals) who held his team at arm’s length in attack and a solid Amandine Balzinc in the cage (12 saves on 34 shots suffered), did everything to resist but no result. It only took 19 minutes for Tjasa Stanko (3 goals) to offer Metz ten lengths. At half-time, the cause was already heard with nine steps ahead for the undefeated leader of the championship. During the second act, the teammates of Marie-Hélène Sajka (6 goals) and Hatadou Sako (12 saves on 33 shots suffered), replacing Ivana Kapitanovic in the goal, were in the management. At the very end of the match, Chloé Bulleux (7 goals) brought the Varoises to six lengths (26-32). Metz remains untouchable and leader as Toulon-Saint-Cyr falls for the fourth time in as many outings this season.

Saint-Amand-les-Eaux is doing away with Dijon

Beaten by Metz in their last league meeting, the players of Saint-Amand-les-Eaux had the opportunity to revive with the reception of Dijon, penultimate in the standings. However, it was Christophe Mazel’s players who started the meeting with a bang with a 4-0 entry signed Carmen Campos (10 goals) and Céline Sivertsen (4 goals). An initial advantage that the Dijonnaises were able to keep for a while but which, under the impetus of Amanda Kolczynski (6 goals), melted throughout the first half, reached with only two lengths ahead for the JDA . From the start of the second period, Claire Vautier (4 goals) gave the Dijonnaises four goals, but the teammates of Maëlys Kouaya (4 goals) patiently fell behind to equalize 17 minutes from the end of the match. From then on, the two teams surrendered blow for blow but it was Marion Malina (1 goal) who offered the victory to Saint-Amand-les-Eaux 58 seconds from the buzzer (23-22). The Northerners sign their second success of the season when Dijon remains looking for a victory since the start of the championship.

Wednesday October 28, 2020
Toulon-Saint-Cyr – Metz : 26-32
Saint-Amand-les-Eaux – Dijon: 23-22

Postponed to a later date
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Fleury – Brest
Nice – Chambray
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