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Minister of Health visits HPAS COVID-19 hospitalization area – The Daily News Box

ByKathleen Dupont

Oct 28, 2020

Quito, October 27, 2020

Juan Carlos Zevallos, Minister of Public Health, visited the Pablo Arturo Suárez Provincial General Hospital (HPAS) on Tuesday, where he took a tour of the COVID-19 hospitalization area and showed that the demand for care for this disease has significantly reduced.

This visit fulfilled the purpose of guaranteeing the existence of adequate resolution capacity in the public sector health establishments; there are beds available to provide safe and ready care for the population. “We are prepared to receive the patients who require it. This does not mean that we lower our guard, on the contrary, we call to continue becoming aware that the responsibility is of each one to take better care of themselves and avoid more infections, but it does mean that we have a hospital system ready, alert and with what is necessary to meet the demand when the population requires it, “he said. the health authority.

In the same way, Zevallos stressed that this hospital is provided with all the necessary protective clothing for care, a sufficient stock of medicines that this pathology requires, as well as the adequate budget to cover the needs of the population in health services .

During the tour the authorities carried biosecurity suits and they complied with all protective measures for enter the visited areas and they evidenced the quality care provided by health professionals to patients who have been affected by this disease, which has claimed thousands of lives to scale world. With tears in their eyes and phrases of gratitude, several hospitalized people expressed their gratitude to the doctors, nursing staff and auxiliaryis who take care of them every day and give their best for their speedy recovery.

This health home to date has 111 care beds, 39 intensive care beds, of which 82% are occupied and 72% are hospitalized. “We have decreased in demand and this has allowed to perform other protocols within the hospital to continue providing quality care and warmth, how we came doing, ”said Pedro Molina, medical director.

For his part, Diego Tello, hospital manager, highlighted that as the HPAS was designated as a sentinel hospital for exclusive care of COVID-19 patients, several interventions were carried out in infrastructure and several protocols were modified with the purpose of guaranteeing the protection and safety of the personnel as well as an appropriate health assistance to all the people who have required the services of this institution.

The population should not lower their guard and it is their responsibility to apply prevention and biosecurity measures such as frequent hand washing social distancing, use of a mask and constant cleaning of surfaces to protect your health and that of your family.