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Despite defeat to Barca, Pirlo is not worried

ByRoborto Sykes

Oct 29, 2020

By winning on the lawn of Juventus thanks to a goal from French Ousmane Dembélé (and one from Messi), FC Barcelona achieved the big blow of this second day of the Champions League (2-0). After two days, the Blaugrana take the lead of Group G. What about Juve? The Turin club does not reassure with its latest performances, in content as in results. Despite this setback, Andrea Pirlo, the Piedmont coach, does not seem concerned. The former Juve player pleads patience and talks about a learning curve for the Italian champion.

“Barcelona were better in building the game. They are more experienced, while we are building something new. We have to improve and work a lot, but this type of game was the first for many in the team. This will serve us to grow in the future “, analyzed Pirlo at the end of the match, he who was probed on the three goals refused to Alvaro Morata for offside and who refutes any theory on bad luck.” Bad luck? No, you must not go on this ground. This part can serve us in our growth. We must improve in the recovery of the ball. And then we started to feel the fatigue that was accumulating. This is not a year of transition, no, because we also have to get results. It will take a little time but we have to achieve it, ”thundered the transalpine tactician.