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Ecuador and Italy confirm second economic aid of USD 2 million to strengthen the health system – The Daily News Box

ByKathleen Dupont

Oct 29, 2020

Quito, October 28, 2020

The Minister of Public Health, Juan Carlos Zevallos, the Italian ambassador to the country, Caterina Bertolini and the Undersecretary of Economic Affairs and International Cooperation of the Foreign Ministry, Candhe Montaño, at a press conference, they announced the delivery and reception danda second help from USD 2 million for the technical and scientific cooperation in health. Is managementtrilateral confirms the excellent relationsions between Ecuador and Italy and will allow to strengthen the National Health System, in the frame of the fight against COVID-19.

Lthe authorities they ratified that the full support of Italy to Ecuador is $ 3 million. The first phase of donation, of USD 1 million, has already been acquired and distributed in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and training on biosafety issues, education activities and health communication for doctors in the country.

We have decided, together with Ecuador, to focus a partand FIEDS for respond urgently to the needs of COVID-19. These bonds of brotherhood have made it possible to work on mechanisms to protect health personnel, expressed the ambassador of Italy.

Minister Zevallos also referred to credit validof USD 14 million for the execution of the “Investment Program for Equipment, Infrastructure and Training of Human Resources, focused on the Maternal and Child sector of the Public Health Network of Zonal Coordination 6, which includes the construction of a Type C Health Center in Cuenca ; equipping 12 basic hospitals, two general hospitals and three health centers; provision of eight ambulances and health education and training.

On behalf of the Ecuadorian people I want to thank this new donation. We came out of this pandemic together, with the international support that is essential to combat this new virus”, stressed the minister Zevallos. Likewise, the authority reiterated that the pandemic in Ecuador is controlled thanks to the activation of the first level of care in health homes throughout the country.

Another positive aspect is the joint effort between governments of Ecuador and the Republic of Italy to realize the signing of a Framework Agreement for Technical and Scientific Cooperation together with andl Higher Institute of Health of Italy (ISS), which will allow both nations to share experiences at the highest level in order to enhance the health system, for the which is estimated the mobilization of technical, financial and academic resources.

For his part, Montaño affirmed that Ecuador has received more than USD 50 million of support to date, from different countries of the world, including the European Union, China, Korea and the United States.

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