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Klopp worried about Fabinho’s injury

ByRoborto Sykes

Oct 29, 2020
Liverpool may have won Tuesday night in the Champions League against Midtjylland (2-0), the English club has not known all good news. While the Reds have had to deal with many injuries since the start of the season, as has for example been the case for Alisson or, currently, for Virgil van Dijk.

Tuesday evening, it was Fabinho who had to be added to the list of players with physical problems, possibly affected in the adductors. Jurgen Klopp, the coach of the Reds, was very annoyed by the situation after the game. “It’s really the last thing we needed. He felt something in the adductors and it never feels good. He said that he was not in so much pain, that he could continue but no longer sprint, but, at his post, that is not possible. You have to do exams, but it’s not good “, he commented.

“As in a marriage: for better or for worse”

Regarding the game, which was not easy for his team, the German coach felt it had been a struggle. “And it was a struggle until the end. It’s a bit like a marriage: for better or for worse. We’re not in the worst, but it’s a delicate period and it’s times when you have to come together and fight together and that’s what the boys did “, Klopp pointed out.